Petra Sajkas is a designer of unique porcelain objects. All of her work stems from the playful experimentation and manipulation of simple, compact shapes and colours. She lays great emphasis on material and technique. Her designs seek a balance between functional simplicity and aesthetic harmony.

For her, the creative process begins with the sculpting of a plaster mould, a process that invites and creates many new possibilities of expression. All her moulds are invented by herself and they form the base of her production procedure. By adding small, delicate details to the original mould she is able to ensure that all her objects are singular and totally unique.

She has chosen to work with porcelain because of its delicate lightness and plasticity, its sensitivity and ability for retaining fine details, but also its strength.

Her inspiration comes from minimal shapes and forms that she then playfully subjects to slightly altered repetition. Her work aims to show a unique interpretation of the relationship between object and the world surrounding it.

She is also interested in various experimental techniques; examining how the technical process of creation results in unprecedented and unpredictable results.